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“Diane’s work has enabled us to work in Attachment with skill, kindness, and understanding. When clients experience it, they often say, ‘This is the work I have been waiting for.’ Diane has given us a beautiful way to heal the deep, early patterns of our clients and ourselves.” – Christina M, Cranial Sacral Bodyworker, SEP from CT

“Diane has been a professional role model for me for years. She is compassionate, caring, supportive, patient and so committed to teaching.” -L.S Arroyo Grande, CA

“Diane’s demos are amazing. They’re the most powerful, rewarding learning experience for being present with clients. They’re also amazing for healing personally.”– Nina A., Sandy Hook, CT

“One of the most potent and valuable trainings I have ever experienced. I received excellent support for my own process which is now a reference experience I can take into my work with clients.”– Melody Linden