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Detecting Emotional Responses in Relationships

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From Me to We:

Secure Functioning in Adult Relationships

with Dr. Diane Poole Heller and Dr. Stan Tatkin

Discover a practical and dynamic approach that equips clients with powerful skills to break repetitive patterns and establish a two-person system built on collaboration and mutual support.

How can we help our clients break free from repetitive and painful patterns that jeopardize their relationships?

Your clients deserve loving relationships that remain strong and connected despite life’s challenges.

Yet, early attachment experiences directly shape the expectations, perceptions, and behaviors they carry into adult relationships.

When either person is unaware of, or unable to articulate their needs and emotions, their insecure attachment patterns activate their negativity bias, leading them to “fill in the blanks” and make unwarranted assumptions that escalate tensions and result in conflicts.

As these unresolved wounds resurface during therapy sessions, they amplify emotional arousal, transforming your role from healer to mediator.

The challenge is that unresolved attachment patterns and unspoken expectations hinder communication and repair, trapping the couple in a relentless cycle of repetitive arguments.

In this cycle, each partner operates as a one-person system, prioritizing their individual needs over the relationship’s well-being.

How can we help clients shift from a one-person psychology to a two-person system where they prioritize the relationship first––taking care of themselves and each other at the same time?

Therapists can encourage couples to embrace collaboration, connection, and co-regulation, laying the foundation for a secure functioning relationship.

By acting as a unified team with a shared vision and protective boundaries against both internal and external challenges, couples establish a two-person system rooted in mutual support and cooperation, where each partner actively shields the other (and the relationship itself) from external threats and stressors.

A two-person system emphasizes interactions filled with love, compassion, and empathy, where each partner tends to the other’s needs without compromising their own—allowing couples to break free from repetitive patterns that sabotage the relationship.

While we, as therapists, may have numerous interventions at our disposal, many don’t adequately prepare clients to consistently prioritize the relationship, particularly during challenging times.

The good news is that anyone can improve our relational skills––even those of us with insecure attachment patterns.

We need an attachment-focused approach that gives partners the tools to emotionally support one another, communicate more effectively, ensure mutual safety, and balance individual and shared needs.

“Putting the relationship before anything and everything else means putting your partner’s well-being, self-esteem and distress relief first.

And it means your partner does the same for you. You both agree to do it for each other—and say to each other, “WE come first.”

– Dr. Stan Tatkin

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From Me to We: Secure Functioning in Adult Relationships

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From Me to We:

Secure Functioning in Adult Relationships

Learn how to implement a practical and dynamic approach that equips clients with powerful skills to break repetitive patterns and establish a two-person system built on collaboration and mutual support.

Six LIVE 2-hour Interactive Training Sessions, plus Q&A with Dr. Stan Tatkin

Each month, join Dr. Tatkin and Dr. Heller for a LIVE, two-hour online session that includes live teaching, process work demos with class participants (including in-depth review on how to facilitate psychodramatic interventions), experiential exercises, and time for Q&A.

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This course teaches more than just theoretical concepts. Using recorded demos with volunteer course participants, Dr. Tatkin will show you how to facilitate psychodramatic interventions with clients and apply the work to your personal and professional life.

The detailed debriefs deepen your understanding of the ethos, therapeutic narrative, and goal of this approach to couples’ work, and provide insights into how you can integrate this work with existing modalities during therapeutic sessions.

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